Life at SERT Media

We like to have fun and you are welcome to try and beat our number of cups of coffee drank in a day record. It is a lot. However, we know when it is time to buckle down and put in the work it takes to keep a small development company running smoothly.

All of our staff works remotely, but we keep up with each other through Slack, Skype meetings, and manage our clients projects within a CRM. On the daily, you could be optimizing a website for performance, cleaning up a hacked website, to working with clients directly on their SEO.

We hire people who are honest, overachievers, and take the initiative to learn new skills. We have a flexible working environment. For example, we do site migrations in the middle of the night to avoid disrupting a client’s business. But we also work during the day too.

Current Job Openings

We are not currently hiring.  If you want to be considered for future employment or one-off projects, email us your resume, portfolio, and a little bit about you.