How To Delete Uncategorized Category From WordPress

When you begin using WordPress there is a default category dubbed “Uncategorized.” While this is meant to be a placeholder, it is also quite handy. I normally never remove it from my website.

However, many users do not see the value in having it as a default category and would like to remove it instead. The following are step-by-step directions to delete the uncategorized category.

Step 1: Create Your Own Category

To delete the uncategorized category in WordPress, you need to create your own category. To create your own category, create a new post and under categories “create a new category.”

Some examples for default categories can be things like features, other, or blog. It can be anything you desire, you just need one category.

For example, for my site, I use tutorials, reviews, and news for my post categories.

Step 2: Select Your Default Category

After you have created the new category. Go into Settings -> Writing section of your admin panel. After you have opened the window scroll down to where it says “Default Post Category.” In the dropdown menu, select the newly created default category you just made.

Step 3: Delete the Uncategorized Category

Now that you have selected your default category. Go into the categories window underneath post -> categories. Find the uncategorized category and now it will allow you to delete it.

It’s that easy and now you no longer have the dreaded uncategorized category on your website! While it may seem a bit complicated, this is done to avoid several issues with WordPress.

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