How To Change Genesis [Read More]… Tag

If you asked me 5 years ago my thoughts on Genesis, I would have told you it was nothing special. It had limited option, was not configurable, and came with a steep learning curve.

However, I am certainly a Genesis convert. Genesis does lack in many areas, don’t get me wrong. But, the lack of flexibility with themes is intentional. They all look sleek and modern, but remain ultra minimalistic. However, it seems like modern web design is a content to see who can fit the most sliders, chat bots, and popups on their pages as possible.

One thing I love about Genesis is that it is super flexible for developers. It uses actions and filters and furthermore, Genesis has the strangest and ugliest read more text ever.

[Read More]… is the tag and it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

1. Why are there brackets?
2. Why is there an ellipses?

These are all good questions that I don’t know the answer too, but I can tell you how to change the Genesis [Read More] text.

The code can be changed easily using the below code to whatever you want (within reason).

The above code I wrote changes the text from Read More to Continue Reading. It also includes a Font Awesome right arrow. This can be changed to whatever you want it to be, what I chose was just an example to show what was possible.

You can add the above code to your functions.php file within your child theme or via a site specific plugin. I opted to add a site-specific plugin dubbed Genesis Companion that way all of my Genesis related changes are all under one roof!

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