How To Load Booked WordPress Plugin Only When Needed

Booked is a premium appointment scheduling WordPress plugin that currently sits at around 8,864 sales on CodeCanyon. I was recently working on a website that made use of this plugin and I noticed something.

The plugin like many loads all of its assets on every single page. This is regardless of whether or not it’s being used on that particular page.

Why This Is An Issue?

When a plugin is loading assets regardless of whether or not it’s being used on that page mobile devices especially are being punished. They have to download parse, and run that JavaScript & CSS.

In the particular base of the Booked plugin, you have to download 4 JavaScript files and 6 CSS files. This is a lot of extra files and if you’re really trying to get your Page Speed grade up you will want to fix this. So, what are your options to resolve the issue?

Plugin Incoming!

Similar to our logic with Contact Form 7 we can simply dequeue the CSS/JS from all pages that you’re not actively using it on. This code snippet can be included in a site-specific plugin or into your child theme’s functions.php file.

To change the URL you can simply change where it says “appointment”. You can change it to whatever page you are using the calendar on. Now, if you wanted the logic could be reversed if you’re using it as a widget say on every page but one you could do the following.

Now the above logic simply says if it’s the blog page to dequeue the CSS / JS files.

Closing Thoughts

While I can’t comment much on the plugin’s functionality or effectiveness it should really have some built in logic to handle asset enqueueing. The fact it by default loads everything everywhere is kind of an oversight from a performance standpoint.

The developers could look at integrating the asset enqueuing into the shortcode but this is a great workaround for now!

If you have any questions about the snippet or having issues with getting it working let me know!

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