Global Traffic Technologies


Global Traffic Technologies Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) manufactures traffic sensing systems often used by emergency personnel. The company holds a variety of U.S. patents and is dedicated to improving safety, minimizing traffic congestion, and more in the most efficient and productive way possible. We were contacted to do some overall website clean [...]

Adrian Gee


Adrian Gee Adrian Gee is an Australian content creator, dating guru, and entrepreneur. Once a shy guy, he has now built a Youtube channel that has been viewed over one million times. He posts and films videos around picking up girls and various awkward social interactions. We helped Adrian with taking his [...]

Coast Digital


Coast Digital Coast Digital is a lean web based company founded by Dave Peacock. They create web platforms, applications, and automations in the healthcare, academic, and creative spaces. The goal of this project was to significantly speed up Coasts' website within a tight timeframe. The site itself wasn't performing all that bad, [...]

Allan McKay


Allan McKay Allan McKay is an award winning visual effects supervisor and technical director based out of Los Angeles, CA. Some recent projects include Star Trek Into Darkness, Transformers 3, The Last Airbender, and the Equalizer. He also has worked on a variety of game titles, including Call of Duty, Halo, Team Fortress [...]

Cardinal Pro Painters


Cardinal Pro Painters Cardinal Pro Painters is a professional painting company based out of Charlotte, NC. They are always on top of new painting technologies and making the home painting process easier and stress free. We were contacted by the owner to reduce the TTFB on the website. To do improve their [...]

Variant Wheels


Variant Wheels Variant Alloy Wheels is a custom wheel manufacturer based out of Chandler, AZ. Variant utilizes cold vertical forging which allows them to have much denser and stronger wheels, when compared to other lower quality methods. We started working with Variant Wheels to optimize the load time of their website. After optimization, [...]

ACE Adventure Resort


ACE Adventure Resort ACE Adventure Resort is the largest outdoor adventure resort in the United States. Located in West Virginia, they offer white water rafting, camping, guided adventures, and more. With the summer coming, we were contacted by the client to perform performance optimization on Ace's website. In the process, we have [...]



SAVVY AF Savvy AF is a blog that strives to capture living intentionally, with purpose, and with poise. That slowing down and taking a break is good for you and all the people around you. We originally started working with Savvy AF to perform some website performance optimization. Really just to get [...]

Influencer Crowd


Influencer Crowd Influencer Crowd is run by a group of advertising professionals who have worked on the biggest multi-million dollar ad campaigns in the last decade. They have a network of influencers who they work with. They listen to you and your brands story and implement innovative ways to grow your business. [...]

Duffel Blog


Duffel Blog Duffel Blog offers a funny and satirical take on national security from over 100 different military veteran writers. Every day they post new articles that allow America's military men and woman comedic relief. This is a high traffic website that gets over 3 million page views a month. The website [...]