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This Is What Goes Into A Website That Ranks.

Mixed Content Errors

Occurs when initial HTML content is loaded via HTTPS, but images or videos are not loaded via HTTPS.

How Does This Help You?

Loading your website’s content with mixed content errors can degrade your user experience and overall website security.

Internal Link Structure

If important parts of your website do not show in search engines, evaluate internal links.

How Does This Help You?

Internal links are important because they help a search engine understand the importance of a page on your website.

HTML Validation

Like grammar, but for code. HTML validation ensures your website's HTML code is semantically correct.

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Code is a universal language and validated code shows professionalism, ensures best practice, and is future proofed.

Index Verification

Google has to know you own your website, before you can use any of their search engine tools.

How Does This Help You?

We work with you to verify with Google that you own your website and that Google My Business, Tag Manager, and Google Analytics work properly.

Website Performance

Performance matters. If your website is slow, you won't rank as high as competitors.

How Does This Help You?

Optimizing your website for mobile and for performance can increase your search engine rank. It improves user experience too.

SEO Audits

This is how you get the low-down on how your website is performing and what can be improved.

How Does This Help You?

We evaluate your entire website and show you specific things that you can improve to increase your search engine rankings and user experience.

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