ShortPixel Image Optimizer Review

ShortPixel is an online image compression website and WordPress plugin that allows you to compress your website's images. It offers various levels of compression. You can choose between lossless (no reduction in quality), lossy (a reduction in quality, albeit small reductions), and glossy which seems to be a middle ground between both lossy and lossless [...]

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WordPress Myth: Too Many Plugins Slow Down Your Site

There is a common misconception in the WordPress community that too many plugins will slow down your website. While, this is generally true in most cases, it is not logically true. This concept has lead to over-stuffed themes that have plugin-like features. Or kitchen sink plugins, where a single plugin has many features. A kitchen sink [...]

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How Website Performance Affects SEO & Boosts Sales

Google and your users love a fast website. No one likes to wait for a website to load. By maintaining a high performing website that loads quickly, your sales will increase and your rank in Google will improve.  For example, Amazon found that reducing your website's load time by 100ms increases your customer conversion rate by [...]

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New WP Compress Image Optimization Plugin Launches In Beta

EDIT: As of 10/25/2017 - the API key for WP Compress no longer works. There is a new plugin that is popping up in the WordPress community that focuses on image compression called WP Compress. The plugin claims to be a better and free alternative to  other image optimization plugins, such as WPMUDEV's Smushit or EWWW Image [...]

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Why Your Site Needs Insurance

Website's, whether they are WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla based, all require a form of a maintenance plan. We here at SERT Media have dubbed this as website insurance. Website insurance essentially does a couple of important tasks for your website to make sure you stay in business whether it's delivering the latest news or selling [...]

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