Avoid Congesting Your Website’s With Too Many Analytic Scripts

Website analytics are very important to any developer, marketer, or even website owner. There are so many different solutions that sometimes it can be hard to decide which service to use. Additionally, you may be tempted to use scripts like CrazyEgg, which is a heat map that helps determine what users see and interact with [...]

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How To Optimize WordPress Heartbeat Without A Plugin

Heartbeat is an API owned by WordPress that allows WordPress developers to make use of AJAX in a unique way. The system automatically ticks or beats when a user is on the site to see a variety of things such as: To see if the user is still there. To see if something has changed. [...]

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How To Load BuddyPress Scripts & Styles Only On BuddyPress Pages

BuddyPress is the social network "in a box" for WordPress. It allows users to build profiles, groups, and post to their own activity feeds. The project is very well maintained and optimized out of the box, but a lot of websites do not built it as the focus. Instead, they add it to their site [...]

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JetPack 5.6 Update Adds Lazy Loading & Google Analytics Support For WooCommerce

JetPack has launched its latest update version 5.6 which adds the ability to Lazy Load images and expands its Google Analytics support for WooCommerce. The update also includes several new enhancements to other modules in the plugin. If you would like to learn more about what Lazy Loading is, please check out this article on [...]

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AMP: Who Should Use It & Who Shouldn’t

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a project started by Google with the objective to speed up the mobile web. It is a closed platform that only allows specific JS with limited CSS and Google's own "AMP HTML" The pages are then cached on Google's high-speed servers as a way to improve the load time. This [...]

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How To Hide Sidebar On Mobile Devices In WordPress

One of the most annoying aspects for mobile device users who use your website is how you handle the sidebar. For example, in responsive web design, your website looks more or less the same across all platforms. Therefore, one of the most common issues with this type of web design is how mobile interfaces handle the [...]

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Increase Default JPEG Compression In WordPress

WordPress vs. Photoshop Compression By default, WordPress automatically compresses JPEG images with its built-in library. In WordPress, the newest compression default is set to 82. 82 is the percent the image was compressed compared to when it was originally uploaded. In most cases, decreasing this number too much will cause image distortion.  Therefore, WordPress' default compression [...]

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CloudFlare Optimization: Two Page Rules Every WordPress Website Needs

CloudFlare is an amazing content delivery network (CDN) with a ton of useful security features. CloudFlare is a great service because it not only delivers static content, but allows you to further optimize your website with page rules. But before I explain what the rules are, let's address what page rules do and why you need [...]

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What Is A Content Delivery Network (CDN) & Why You Need It

A content delivery network (CDN)  is an online service that makes copies of your files. Some common static files are the following: CSS JS Photo and Video Files (PNG, JPEG, GIF) The service works by offloading those resources onto their own servers. This reduces the load and impact on your own web server. It will [...]

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How Does Lazy Loading Work & Why It Matters

Lazy Loading is an important process that can greatly improve the load time of your website. What is Lazy Loading? Lazy Loading is the process of loading an image, iframe, or almost any type of content on your website when it comes into view. This means if you have an image heavy website loading 10MB [...]

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