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This Is What We Do When We Manage Your Website.

Website Backups

We back up your website on a weekly and monthly basis. Not just on your server, but locally too.

How Does This Help You?

Regular backups protect you against plugins breaking your website, critical files being deleted, and/or your website being hacked.

Traffic Monitoring

Monitoring your website traffic and analyzing the traffic to determine potential issues.

How Does This Help You?

Monitoring your traffic allows us to identify potential security threats, streamline website growth, and fix issues faster.

Plugin Updates

Updating your plugins on a regular basis is crucial to website security and keeping your website in good health.

How Does This Help You?

We update your plugins for you.  If the update breaks your website, we revert back to an old backup and notify the plugin developers until a fix is issued.

WordPress Updates

Core updates fix bug issues, improve performance, tighten security, and add new features.

How Does This Help You?

WordPress updates often coincide with your plugin updates. If your WordPress version is not up to date, your plugins may lose functionality.

Website Performance

Optimizing your website is not a one-time thing. Keeping it performance ready is a maintenance thing.

How Does This Help You?

Optimizing new images on blog posts, to cleaning out new database queries, to making sure your server is behaving properly.

WordPress Consulting

When we manage your website, you can ask us absolutely anything. Yes, really anything.

How Does This Help You?

We do not want to be robots. We want to build a successful website with you. If your users are reporting a specific issue, let us know and we’ll be right on it.

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