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How We Make Your Website Secure

SSL Installation

A digital certificate that encrypts the information sent over your website's server.

How Does This Help You?

It’s simple, if you want to sell anything on your e-commerce store, you are required to have an SSL to be PCI compliant.

Spam Removal

Cleaning up spam comments and putting automated processes in place to make monitoring easy.

How Does This Help You?

Manually sifting through spam comments and deleting them from your website is time consuming and annoying. We make it automated.

Malware Removal

Finding malware that is infecting your website, removing it, and securing your website against future attacks.

How Does This Help You?

An infected website is never a good thing. Malware can launch DDos attacks, spam your users, to stealing confidential user data.

Security Audits

We check your website's overall security and offer you suggestions on what can be improved.

How Does This Help You?

It’s important to be proactive regarding your website’s security. It can happen to anyone. We check your website for any possible loopholes.

Backdoor Infection

Allows a hacker to create a hidden admin account, execute SQL queries, and/or send emails.

How Does This Help You?

Removing a backdoor infection is super easy, but finding the backdoor on your website is the harder part. That’s where we come in.

Disaster Recovery

Are you completely locked out of your website admin panel? Is it redirecting to a fake page? We can help.

How Does This Help You?

Being completely locked out of your website is no fun and stressful. We find the issue, get you control back, and kick the hacker’s out.

Hacker-Proofing the Web.

Some of the Website’s We Have Recovered.

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Website Security Is The Future.

This Is Why You Should Care.

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