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Sert Media is a WordPress development company based in Nashville, TN. We specialize in the development of fast, secure, and SEO friendly websites. While also offering an inexpensive maintenance plan that covers all your general needs.

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Better Websites Through Smarter Design, Fast Load Times, & SEO.

SERT Media is based in Nashville, TN. We believe that a website can be both stylish, and load quickly. We achieve this through stylish and simple elements instead of wasting bytes.

Our website is a showcase that you too can have a fast WordPress website that looks great without being a drag on your user’s mobile devices while also ranking well in Google search.

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Speed Optimization

With an emphasis on lean themes, proper site structure, and on-page optimization, your website will be loading at record speeds.

WordPress SEO

We help you understand what it takes to rank in Google and how to write content that your viewers will actually search for.

WordPress Security

Our team will help you make sure your website is secure, recover infected websites, and prevent future infections from ever happening again.

Site Maintenance

We help creative entrepreneurs build their businesses through comprehensive website maintenance services.


I hired Scott for an SEO audit and was impressed with how thorough he was. He answered all my questions and explained each of his suggestions in great detail.


Scott has been maintaining my website for over a year. Anytime I have an issue he is quick to respond and he keeps my website running fast and keeps my plugins up to date.


Scott at Sert Media helped improved my website’s load time and increased my page speed insights score from the low 20s to an 80. I will be using his services again.



Scott helped me get my website up and running, sped up my website, and improved my on-page SEO which lead to an increase in site traffic! I highly recommend his services.

– Susan

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