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Have you ever had customers tell you that your website was loading “too slow”? A slower website means that you will have fewer page views and therefore lower customer conversion rates. With our speed and performance package we will optimize your website so that it loads in five seconds or less. And the best part? You will never lose customers again because your website was slow.

  • Image optimization

  • Optimize HTML and CSS

  • CDN integration

  • Decrease page load times

  • Reduce redirects

  • Browser caching

  • Serverside optimization

  • Reduce server response time


  • Fix mixed content errors

  • Evaluate internal linking

  • HTML validation

  • Google index verification

  • Mobile optimization

  • Speed optimization

  • Identify security issues

  • Evaluate current SEO state

With our SEO Audit, we will identify any issues that negatively affect your search engine rankings. We provide you with an in-depth report that tells you specific areas of your website that can be improved. Once improved, you will start to see an increase in organic traffic to your website and higher search engine results in Google.


With our security packages we offer a variety of ways to improve the security of your website or to recover it, in the worst case scenario. We have techniques to protect against brute force attacks, DDOS attacks, and website spam. We secure your site with 360 degree protection, 365 days a year.

  • Malware removal

  • SSL installation

  • Spam protection

  • CloudFlare configuration

  • Security protection

  • Htaccess rules

  • Disaster recovery

  • WP security audit


  • Downtime monitoring

  • Spam monitoring

  • Weekly website back-ups

  • Traffic reports

  • Subscription service

  • WP theme and plugin updates

Our signature website insurance  provides you with the on-going support you need to keep your business running without wondering if something went wrong with your website.