New WP Compress Image Optimization Plugin Launches In Beta

EDIT: As of 10/25/2017 – the API key for WP Compress no longer works.

There is a new plugin that is popping up in the WordPress community that focuses on image compression called WP Compress. The plugin claims to be a better and free alternative to  other image optimization plugins, such as WPMUDEV’s Smushit or EWWW Image Optimizer. It does this by offloading the images to their server for compression. This is a nice touch. However, it is hard to say how the business will stay afloat, without any clear means of optimization. WP Compress says in the future they will add paid premium features, but the current plugin will remain free.


Testing WP Compress on SERT Media

I tested the plugin on SERT Media and found that it managed to reduce my total image size (across less than 50 images) by about 60+MB. The decrease in image size is signifcant compared to the previous plugin I used EWWW Image Optimizer. This managed to reduce my total page size even more, which was quite useful. The admin panel is bare and lacks key features other image optimization plugins have.

The plugin lacks significant security features and testing. WP Compress included a full case study on their optimization technology against the two aforementioned plugins. WP Compress has higher compression ratios than EWWW Image Optimizer and WP Smush, which is a plus.

The WP’s developers published a full case study with additional information.  Their study offers deeper insights on the optimization results within the plugin.

It is important to save as many bites as you can. However, it is more important to focus on the optimization of your entire website as a whole. These tactics are used in our optimization packages which you can purchase via our store!

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1 thought on “New WP Compress Image Optimization Plugin Launches In Beta”

  1. I downloaded their beta version on Saturday. Tried it on a couple of sites and only worked on one of them so I contacted their support through a widget that they have on their website and they were most helpful, albeit not able to solve the problem of the plugin not working on one of my sites.
    They promised they’d contact me during the week and I still haven’t heard from them. I try to contact them though the widget on their site and have had no response since Monday. I even sent them emails with the same results.
    The API key that I got on signup no longer works so I think they actually went out of business before they even launched the product.
    Too bad! It looked like a wonderful plugin and I was ready to embrace it and even swear by it.


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