How To Optimize WordPress Cron On WordPress Multisite

WordPress Cron is a feature that has proved to be very useful in WordPress. It is commonly used to do the following: Run cleanups. For example, in WooCommerce there is a cron scheduled to clean up and delete old session data. Scheduled backups. Scheduled posts. It allows you to auto-post articles which improves the publishing [...]

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How CloudFlare’s Rocket Loader Works & Why You Should Use It

I want to start off by saying, I have no affiliation with CloudFlare. Nor do I know the inner workings of CloudFlare's backend system. This is meant to be a rudimentary explanation of how CloudFlare's Rocket Loader works and I am going to show you why it can help your website more than you might think. [...]

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Avoid Congesting Your Website’s With Too Many Analytic Scripts

Website analytics are very important to any developer, marketer, or even website owner. There are so many different solutions that sometimes it can be hard to decide which service to use. Additionally, you may be tempted to use scripts like CrazyEgg, which is a heat map that helps determine what users see and interact with [...]

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Can You Remove Cookies From Static Resources When Using CloudFlare?

If you are a user of CloudFlare, like I am, you know what a content delivery network (CDN) can do to improve both the performance and the security of your website. If you are one who loves to strive for the fastest load time possible, like me, then you might notice a common warning to [...]

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