How To Remove The URL Field From Default WordPress Comments

WordPress has a comments section built into it. It allows users to interact with each other and to comment on published articles. Some website owners do not like that WordPress comments requires the user to include a URL by default. Additionally, users may not realize that is is not a required field. It is also [...]

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How To Optimize WordPress Category Pages For SEO

A lot of SEO companies are misguided when telling their customers to disable or noindex their category pages. Before we can figure out how to improve ranking, we need to answer the following questions: What is a category page? What is a category page used for? Category Pages Are More Valuable Than Individual Posts If [...]

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Only Load Contact Form 7 When It Is Needed

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular contact form plugins on the WordPress market and that is for good reason. It is an incredibly simple plugin to install and setup! However Contact Form 7 has its own issues, especially when it comes to performance. For example, the plugin loads its CSS, JavaScript, and Ajax [...]

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How To Dequeue A Script Or Style In WordPress Only For Mobile Devices

This post is for my speed guru's who want to make their template, plugin, or website even faster. You found out that you should only load scripts and styles that you are actually using. More importantly, you should only load the scripts and styles on pages where they are needed. Previously, I have shown how to [...]

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How To Stop WordPress Admin Bar From Loading For All Non Administrators

The WordPress admin bar is a useful feature for when you're managing your website. I tend to only find it useful, when I am working on the website. For example, most plugins use it for common features, such as a caching plugin using it to clear the cache. If I am writing a post or [...]

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How To Fix Autoptimize Breaking bbPress Forum Styles

Autoptimize is one of, if not my favorite, WordPress optimization plugin. However, Autoptimize does have it's own issues like minor CSS breakage. Autoptimize has one important feature that is great for preventing issues. Autoptimize aggregates files in the order they appear on the screen. It also aggregates files by the files media type. For example, [...]

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How To Disable The JSON Rest API In WordPress Without A Plugin

WordPress has included the JSON Rest API in WordPress core since version 4.4. The JSON Rest API allows users to build applications that connect and interact with their website. The JSON Rest API a fantastic feature from a developer standpoint because it created new interesting features. However, on a large scale, the feature is completely [...]

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How To Upgrade JQuery To The Latest Version In WordPress

Ahh, JQuery one of the most used and most useful libraries in the WordPress ecosystem. It would be quiet difficult to imagine WordPress without JQuery. That being said, WordPress doesn't use the latest version of JQuery and this can be both a good and bad thing. JQuery is basically a JS library that makes it [...]

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How To Enable GZIP Compression In WordPress Without A Plugin

Enabling GZIP Compression is one of the easiest things you can add to your website to greatly reduce the load time for your users. You can easily enable GZIP compression with a plugin, but that is a hassle and adds unnecessary bulk to your website. A better option is to enable GZIP compression with a few [...]

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Make Your bbPress Forums Index Look Like Other Forum Software

bbPress is our favorite forum software, simply because of how well it integrates within WordPress. bbPress appears to be a bit outdated, however there are ways you can improve the appearance of the plugin within your theme. In traditional forum structure, the forum category appears at the top and below are the forums. Changing bbPress [...]

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