How CloudFlare’s Rocket Loader Works & Why You Should Use It

I want to start off by saying, I have no affiliation with CloudFlare. Nor do I know the inner workings of CloudFlare's backend system. This is meant to be a rudimentary explanation of how CloudFlare's Rocket Loader works and I am going to show you why it can help your website more than you might think. [...]

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Can You Remove Cookies From Static Resources When Using CloudFlare?

If you are a user of CloudFlare, like I am, you know what a content delivery network (CDN) can do to improve both the performance and the security of your website. If you are one who loves to strive for the fastest load time possible, like me, then you might notice a common warning to [...]

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CloudFlare Optimization: Two Page Rules Every WordPress Website Needs

CloudFlare is an amazing content delivery network (CDN) with a ton of useful security features. CloudFlare is a great service because it not only delivers static content, but allows you to further optimize your website with page rules. But before I explain what the rules are, let's address what page rules do and why you need [...]

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What Is A Content Delivery Network (CDN) & Why You Need It

A content delivery network (CDN)  is an online service that makes copies of your files. Some common static files are the following: CSS JS Photo and Video Files (PNG, JPEG, GIF) The service works by offloading those resources onto their own servers. This reduces the load and impact on your own web server. It will [...]

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